Being a single mom can be overwhelming within itself but what about when you add a business to it? In this episode, Blog & Pinterest Manager Melanie Fountain shares her journey on how she was able to go from her corporate job to being a specialized Pinterest Manager all while being a single mom.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

Use your corporate skills in your new business

Melanie talks about what she was doing in her corporate job and how she was able to apply those skills to when she first started her business as a VA and now specialized Pinterest Manager.

The breaking point that led her to start her own business

After inconsistent schedules and dead-end job situation, she knew there had to be something more. She wanted to be able to go on her daughter’s field trips or stay home if her daughter was sick.

What starting her virtual assistant business looked like for her

When she first started Melanie started applying for just about anything she could qualify for. She jumped into a course and created her business page and started off as a general admin.

What did that transition look like from general virtual assistant to Pinterest Manager

As she continued to work with clients doing everything, she was getting overwhelmed doing so many things and doing work she didn’t enjoy. She started her business so she could do something she loved and have that freedom which is when she decided to be selective on the services she offered where Pinterest management came in.

How does taking a virtual assistant course help moms who want to get started

Melanie knew she was already so busy that she didn’t have the time to try to piece it all together. She decided to go straight to the source and get that added support. And when you take a course you are really investing in yourself, your future, your kids, your freedom and that investment gives you the accountability to actually follow through and be accountable.

How she balances being a single mom and having her own business

Melanie utilizes organizing tools like Trello and a paper planner to block out her day. She schedules work in-between time with her daughter. Time batching is her suggestion for getting things done and not having to shift gears constantly. And when she is with her daughter that is her time to bond. She talks about how she deals with the mom guilt that comes with it all.

“You don’t have to have everything in place to take the leap and follow your dreams.”

-Melanie Fountain

About Our Guest

Melanie Fountain is a Blog and Pinterest Manager born and raised in California. She is a single mom who worked in corporate jobs until she started her journey of entrepreneurship as a Virtual Assistant.

After months of hustling and long nights, she was able to quit her full-time job in May 2019 when she shifted her focus from general VA work to blog and Pinterest management.

When Melanie is not hustling and growing her business, she is adventuring the Sierra foothills with her six-year-old daughter, attending live music events, or getting her daily caffeine fix.

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